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Digital Integrated Circuits and Systems

2nd level, 3rd semester (3-0-2)

CMOS Inverter | VHDL | Tutorials: Xilinx ISE, Plan Ahead


CMOS inverter: design, implementation, transfer function, noise margins, delay, power consumption. Design of combinational and sequential CMOS circuits in different technologies.
Design of basic arithmetic logic blocks: adders, multipliers, shift registers. Design and implementation of memory circuits: SRAM, DRAM, DDRAM, SDRAM and others.
Technology implementation of complex digital integrated circuits and systems: standard cells, gate arrays, FPGA devices.
Design of basic analog blocks: current mirrors and current sources, current and voltage reference circuits, differential stages, output stages, differential amplifiers.
Influence of modern target technologies on circuit characteristics.


  1. J.Rabaey, A. Chandrakasan, B. Nikolic: "Digital Integrated Circuits: A Design Perspective", Prentice Hall, 2003
  2. A. Trost: "Načrtovanje digitalnih vezij v jeziku VHDL", založba FE/FRI, 2011
Lectures (English)Laboratory (Slovene)
  • Chapter 1: Introduction (ppt)
  • Chapter 2: The Manufacturing Process (ppt)
  • Chapter 3: The Devices (ppt)
  • Chapter 4: The Wire (ppt)
  • Chapter 5: The CMOS inverter (ppt)
  • Chapter 6: Designing Combinational Logic Gates in CMOS (ppt)
  • Chapter 7: Sequential Circuits (ppt)
  • Chapter 8: Designing Complex Digital Integrated Circuits (ppt)
  • Chapter 9: Coping with Interconnect (ppt)
  • Chapter 10: Timing Issues in Digital Circuits (ppt)
  • Chapter 11: Designing Arithmetic Building (ppt)
  • Chapter 12: Designing Memory and Array Structures (ppt)
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